FB Dermatology Srl
FB Dermatology Srl



  • Categoria:Medica
  • Esperienza:1-3 anni
  • Offerta economica:permanent employment, company car, benefits

FB Dermatology has an open position for a Medical Science Liaison (MSL) role.

The MSL will establish and maintain relationships with OLs and decision-makers in National and International Dermatological area, which often requires extensive travel. Company Headquarter is based in San Benedetto del Tronto (Marche).

They may conduct meetings with physicians and other medical professionals, participate in panel discussions or speak in front of large crowds. 

Other duties and responsibilities of FB Dermatology MSL will include:

- Help in designing and monitoring studies, in partnership with physician and CRO, that investigate both medical conditions and methods to prevent or treat them
- Help in writing and editing scientific articles
- Cooperate with Marketing Department for preparation of marketing materials and sales force training
- Cooperate with Research&Development Department for strategic and scientific thinking about new products and prepare the bibliographic background
- Cooperate with Regulatory&Quality Department for Medical&Scientific related processes
- Writing research grant proposals and applying for funding from private funding sources and government agencies

Offer: permanent employment + individual development plan, company car, benefits. 

Kindly apply in English, specifying current retribution and city of residence. Detailed ENG resume to be attached.


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